Flash and Database

Flash does not give native support for connecting to database (DB). There are many variations of how to do this, especially to MySQL. The most simple is by using XML and PHP. I always prefer to use the most easy one (as I’m not a real programmer) even it would add the server requirements.

Amfphp is the answer for me. It is a remoting service, a term which I did not understand at all at first. To make it simple, it translates all the hard coding into very short lines in your ActionScript and PHP files.

This is all what you need to know/have to start learning:

  • Intermediate knowledge in Flash ActionScript
  • Basic knowledge in PHP (know the syntax and how to initialize connection to MySQL)
  • Can set up MySQL DB (I use PHPMyAdmin)
  • Know basic SQL queries

Then go download the files on their site. They also provide nice to tutorials on how to install and set it up for the first time.

Tips: You might also want to google around to look for some example of using it. Here’s one site that I remember: www.flash-db.com.

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