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Shopify PageSpeed Score: Pushing the limits on Bluelounge website

In order to improve the site’s SEO even further, Bluelounge requested to improve their Shopify site’s PageSpeed score to above 90/100 on both Desktop and Mobile. These are my notes to achieve 95/100 PageSpeed score on an e-commerce site. The steps explained here may not be applicable to all Shopify powered sites, but hopefully you will be able to pick up a point or two.

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Non-marketing e-commerce checklist

After setting up the most important element: a running e-commerce site, business owners are typically focused on the marketing to attract customers into the website and eventually make it generate some revenue. An understandable strategy, as the the whole idea of creating the website is to make profit from the transactions. But usually first-time customer acquisition cost is higher than the profit generated from the first purchase. To ultimately get them to come back and order more items from your online store which probably costs much less is by giving them a great shopping experience.

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AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping delivers

I have written my experience ordering using AmazonGlobal which was great. The only part that made Amazon missed was the delivery deadline. Those orders were placed using AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping which said averaged 5-10 business days for delivery. However Amazon’s courier partner i-Parcel failed to get my orders in time, although they only missed for a few days.

Join The Online Revolution: Experience with Lazada Indonesia

I have to admit that I used to be pretty skeptical with the potential growth of e-commerce in Indonesia. Despite the wave of investments made by local and foreign companies to be top players in the country, I was not completely convinced the market would mature in a short time. My experience first time ordering from Lazada Indonesia ( sort of confirms it. But not because of the market, but Lazada itself.

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