Disabling CSS on Safari

For all of you who ever use other than Safari as your primary browser, you might notice that Safari is lacking the feature to disable/enable CSS on a page/site. So it is always enabled.

We can use something called Safari bookmarklets to solve this. Here’s how:

  1. From Safari, CMD+right click then choose ‘Copy Link’ this link.
  2. Add the previously copied link as one of your bookmark, you may name it ‘Toggle Linked CSS’ or anything.
  3. Now, everytime you browse just click on that bookmark during a visit of a page and you can see it with its CSS disabled.
  4. Confused? Just try to test it by clicking on the link above or the added bookmark on this site first then.

Note that this trick does not work 100% on every site, but more than enough as an alternative.

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