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Shopify PageSpeed Score: Pushing the limits on Bluelounge website

In order to improve the site’s SEO even further, Bluelounge requested to improve their Shopify site’s PageSpeed score to above 90/100 on both Desktop and Mobile. These are my notes to achieve 95/100 PageSpeed score on an e-commerce site. The steps explained here may not be applicable to all Shopify powered sites, but hopefully you will be able to pick up a point or two.

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Set up free WordPress hosting using Amazon EC2 and Bitnami Cloud

Amazon Web Services EC2 t2.micro instance combined with Bitnami Cloud Hosting Developer plan, both free products will get you free and terrific WordPress hosting for a year with less than an hour to set up. No command line knowledge actually required, something that usually discourages some developers from touching cloud-based hosting.

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Best Places to Find Beautiful Site Templates, but not for WordPress

You can find market sites offering templates for popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc, but if you want to build a static site or using different CMS then the options are pretty limited. Worry not my friend, I have searched and I am going to list a number of sites you can visit to find nice and modern HTML site templates that allow you to customize and apply them into whatever platform you prefer.

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