Smaller Samsung S7 Edge, that would convince me to upgrade

Smaller Samsung S7 Edge, that would convince me to upgrade

Samsung S7 Edge vs S7As a recent convert from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S line, I have been very happy with my S6 Edge. I had been a user of both iOS and Android, but had never really used a flagship Android phone before. With the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, I just knew if I wanted to completely remove my iPhone as the daily driver, then it would be the right replacement. When Samsung introduced the S6 successor, the Samsung Galaxy s7 and S7 Edge, I was a bit disappointed to learn that they had decided to make S7 Edge larger than its sibling. With its 5.5″ screen, the “flat/regular” S7’s screen is 5.1″, it is now in the “phablet” territory.

There are so many good things about Samsung S7 and S7 Edge, most of them answer the customers’ critics from their predecessors:

Bigger battery

I have no problem with my S6 Edge and it has enough juice to last entire day, but more active mobile users have been pretty frustrated with the battery capacity. Besides, bigger battery is always a positive thing.

microSD slot

To me, having the ability to use external storage is one of the selling factors with Android devices compared to iPhone. By putting this feature back, it is a big deal. 32GB for internal storage is usually more than enough to install all the apps you need. What’s hard to predict is how much memory you will need to store all the media files, including camera photos.

Better camera

The S6 takes beautiful shots, but I am still struggling to get better focus and result when it is in lowlight environment. Taking the words from Samsung and early reviewers, the S7 camera will solve this problem.

Better design

Even though I understand that Samsung really wanted to make a smartphone that would be as thinnest and possible with the S6, the flat back and protruding camera give constant annoyance to most users including myself. Luckily Samsung’s team of designer decided to fix those by making the S7 has less camera bumb and back cover shape that is easier to hold with a small price of being 1.1 thicker. No problem, function over design.

Dust and water-resistant

Accidents happen. While this is not going to be a decision factor, having an extra feature for protecting your precious gadget better is always welcomed.

Bigger RAM and faster processor

Well, nobody would buy newer smartphone if it has the same RAM and processor as previous generation.

Solid black color option

No more sapphire or blueish black like with the S6, which why I ended up buying mine in white.

In short, Samsung has done mostly everything right with the Galaxy S7.

Samsung S7 Edge bigger screenWhy the bigger screen for S7 Edge, Samsung?

I have come to believe that Samsung thinks a bigger screen size is required for the market to justify the extra $110 to get the Edge version on top of the “edge” screen.  Probably the sales of S6 Edge+ (5.7″) were better than S6 Edge (5.1″) and they used this insight to determine the product line variations.

As a customer, we are now stuck to having a phone that barely fits into your jeans pocket in order to get that super fancy curvy edged screen.

Will there be a smaller Samsung S7 Edge?

Who knows. But knowing Samsung, they might release a new version of their flagship phone line before a full year. Just like when they added S6 Edge+ into the S6 family.

Let me hear your thoughts about bigger S7 Edge screen and whether you would prefer to have it the same size as its sibling.

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7 Comments Smaller Samsung S7 Edge, that would convince me to upgrade

  1. finelf

    Totaly agree. I would like to have 5,1 7 edge. But there isnt, well I got used to it. Shame. Well now its out s8 wich is very nice with its sizes. but has other compromises wich will not make me upgrade. Maybe s9? 😀 looking forward.

  2. Corey Austin

    100℅ too big. I got an S7 edge for free and I will be selling it. I even prefer my Nexus 5 over it, all because of size and lack of bloatware.

  3. Jeremy

    I went from iPhone 5s to the s7edge. I took it back after 4 days of having it. I didn’t like how big the s7edge is/was. If they would make the s7edge smaller, I would go buy it.

  4. foobar

    I just returned S7 Edge phone back to store because it was way too big. Holding and using the phone one-handed is just too uncomfortable even though S7 has advanced features to mitigate the problem (one-handed operation). If there was a smaller version with specs close to S7 Edge I would buy it right away.

    1. Michael

      I hear you. The S7 Edge is still a stunning device to look at. But 5.1″ is already a borderline when it comes to screen size to use in normal ways, which is why the S6, S6 Edge and S7 are considered having good size. That extra 8% size is a big deal and makes it less functional in the end.


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