Take Quick Photos Using iPhone and Share Them to Mac

Take Quick Photos Using iPhone and Share Them to Mac

UPDATE: I was recently suggested to use WiFi Transfer instead, which I agree is as good or better if you plan to copy more than one photo.

For years I have been trying to find the most efficient way to be able to quickly take photos using my iPhone and then send them to my iMac or Macbook Air. I do not use Dropbox Sync feature because I do not want to sync all of my photos, in fact I sometimes do not want to save the photos on my phone if possible.

Today, I find a new ‘process’ which may work in most cases for me. You still need several things though:

  1. Camera+ iPhone app ($1.99)
  2. Notes app set on your iPhone and Mac
  3. decent Internet upload connection

Here are the steps:

  1. First, you may want to go to Camera+’s menu and make sure the AutoSave is set to Lightbox
  2. Take the photo(s) you need
  3. From the app’s Lightbox, select the photo you would like to use, tap on Share > Create Web Link
  4. It will upload the photo
  5. When finished, copy the image URL (tap hold > Copy)
  6. (optional) Delete the photos from Lightbox
  7. Open Notes on your iPhone, create a new note, paste the copied URL
  8. Open Notes on your Mac, wait a few seconds for syncing, then click on the URL
  9. Done. You can drag the image from your browser for whatever you wish to do

OK, it still takes almost 10 steps, but it really is not that complicated compared to other methods I tried before.

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