Quick Modules Checklist When Developing New Website on Processwire

Quick Modules Checklist When Developing New Website on Processwire

It’s amazing how fast ProcessWire is growing. Soon after version 2.0 had been released, Ryan and the developer team hit the gas and made it one of the fastest developed platforms I notice since WordPress. Currently there are already about 140 additional modules available on its website, plus the core modules which some are wisely not activated by default after installation.

As with other CMS plug-ins, it is so easy to get lost in the vast list of directory. Especially if it is your first time using ProcessWire for your project. With that in mind, I have hand-selected a few modules that I find very handy and almost always use on for my projects.

Forgot Password

You probably will notice when checking on the admin login panel on ProcessWire that it does not display the forgot password function. It already has the module built-in actually, you just need to activate it by going to Modules > Forgot Password and install Forgot Password module. You can also update the password using APIs following these instructions.

Page Clone

When you are developing and testing a new website, nothing is more annoying than having to fill the mock data. At least it is in my case. So when I discovered that ProcessWire already had a module on its core to easily duplicate a page, I was very happy. To activate it, just go to Modules > Process and install Page Clone.

Admin Theme

Not that the default admin theme is bad or anything, it is way better than most CMS interface of some other platforms, but nothing is wrong for trying to adjust the admin look to yours or you client’s personal preference. There are a number of admin themes that you can pick here. Two of my favorites are Ergo and Teflon.
To install a new admin theme, create a directory called /site/templates-admin/ and place all of the themes files in there.

Thumbnail Cropping

I have to say this was the most waited function since the first time I played around with ProcessWire. You no longer need to create separate field for users to upload the thumbnail of main image. This module can be downloaded here.

Blank Profile

When you download and install ProcessWire it comes with a default template which is a great sample of how to create a website using it. If this is not the first site you are developing on ProcessWire, then using a blank profile allows you to go straight to business after installation.

Site Profile Exporter

Last but not least, the exporter module will allow you to export your templates and data to be used in fresh install of ProcessWire. This comes really handy when you develop the site on a testing server and need to move to production server.

Do you have your own favorite modules? Please share it here.

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