Quick Recap of 2011

The final days of the year have finally come. Not to be shy, but I feel 2011 is a very productive year and the team. Let me do a quick recap:


We launched 7 products this year, should be more if we consider the soft goods as multiple items! All of them are amazing too, but MiniDock and Milo got the most attention. In case you have not heard of them, then you should check them out. My personal favorite is the Bonobo iPad Sleeve. Here are the complete list:

On top of those awesome products, we also launched EU Web Store. I cannot really provide you the link as it was designed to automatically detect your IP address and direct you to the correct store based on the region you are in. You can switch between stores from this page. Our EU Store only ships to 36 countries within Europe, while the US and Global customers will still be shipped from our LA warehouse.

Web Projects

Outside of Bluelounge, I was also given the opportunities to work on few exciting projects:

Sorry to keep this short in the end. Many stuff could be talked about here, but since this is the last day of the year I should enjoy it more instead of still stuck in front of my laptop. Next year I will try to post more often, the determination from a year before which I totally failed 🙂 Happy New Year!

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  1. Derek

    Hi Michael, Is your new BlueLounge site design still based on Shopify’s framework? The reason I ask is because I have a client interested in Shopify, vs. our usual use of Magento. And your beautiful site design, if in Shopify, is convincing me to take the time to learn it’s templating.
    And of course the products are beautiful as well. Thanks!

    1. maykel

      Hi Derek, we are no longer using Shopify for the shopping cart. The main website is running on top of CodeIgniter framework and I integrate the Buy section with an i-frame. With this approach, the shopping cart’s main function is only for handling the purchase and not the product pages themselves. So at any time, we can quite easily switch the shopping cart if needed.

      Hope this answers your question, let me know if you have following ones. Thanks!


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