My Favorite Coda Plug-Ins


Panic Coda

I have to admit it, Coda by Panic is really one of the best Mac apps ever. Not only it has finally given me the better direction in developing HTML/CSS correctly, it also makes it more fun! It is quite a shame that Panic has not been updating it for a few months now, but that does not make it less powerful.

Why? Because Coda supports third-party plug-ins to enable you add more functions on top on the ones that come with the application itself. No, those plug-ins will not automatically create a website for you.. Consider them like as WordPress plug-ins or widgets, simple and small functions but if collected and used properly can save you hours of development time.

You can get a long list of the officially supported plugin-ins on Panic’s Developer section. To help you in choosing the right ones, here are my favorites:

  • Lorem Ipsum
    Generate 1 to 5 paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum placeholder text.
  • Remove Trailing Whitespace
    Trims whitespace from the ends of lines.
  • Replace Special Characters
    Converts almost all special symbols and characters into HTML entities.
  • TEA for Coda (not listed on Panic’s website)
    Text Editor Actions for Coda (formerly “Textmate Emulation Actions”, and always TEA for short) is a plugin that emulates some of my favorite Textmate HTML.bundle actions.
  • CSS Tools
    Performs automatic reformatting of CSS.

If you have your own favorites, please feel free to share them below.

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