Three Hundred Seventy Nine Days

Yes, it has been that long since the last time I posted anything on my blog. What has happened between then? Well I changed my entire main website into SweetCron, a sweet lifestream software which sadly no longer actively being developed. I loved it because I only needed to tweet and bookmark interesting sites and it would automatically update my site. Nothing is more convenient than that, right?

Anyway, I have been wanting to blog again since the start of the year. After being postponed for many self-created reasons, I found the exact theme I need from Smashing Magazine. This website theme is called SimpleFolio and designed by Omar E. Corrales. So many thanks to Omar and SM for sharing this amazing theme for FREE.

The dream feature is of course the Portfolio functions, I have been wanting to be able to maintain my work portfolio in a better way. Please make sure to check out my portfolio page.

Time to take a break. Cheers!

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